Last Lazy Days of Summer – Kids, dogs and the swimming hole

We are wrapping up the lazy days of summer with plenty of trips to the swimming hole!


The dogs haven’t been with us until now, and it was lots of fun watching them figure out swimming.


Hazel loves to fetch her sticks in the water for hour upon hour.  She never grows tired of it.


The kids like to take turns on the tube and sometimes like to tow their Momma around on it.



They love to skip rocks and just generally hang out and play.


One of our sons found a crawdad and had to bring it home to study.  Our kids bathtub became a habitat for several days, as he studied it and learned all about these creatures and their lifecycle.  Everything is an educational opprotunity at this house!

It’s times like these that I just want to push pause and savor these sweet moments with my kiddos.  They will be gone so quickly.  There is something to that saying, that the days are long, but the years are short.  Our oldest is already 17 year old.  I look at what a wonderful young lady she has become and I wonder where the time has gone!


I hope each of you were able to spend some time together this summer, to enjoy each other and build memories together.

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