Welcome to our Blog!

WordPress wants me to tell you why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it.  Wow, that seems so easy to do whenever you are talking to your husband and best friend about your, possibly crazy, idea to share a glimpse of your wonderful, but overwhelmingly full life, with the entire world of strangers.  It seems much harder whenever you sit down at the keyboard and remember that your an incredibly shy introvert.  Why did I want to start a blog and what DO I plan on doing with it?! Well, I was thinking one day that I’m getting to a stage in my life that I’m not just starting out, but actually getting probably more towards the middle of my life of raising kiddos.  I have a large family, some with special needs, that I homeschool on a homestead, and that there might be some ladies out there, who are just starting down their journey, that might be looking for someone that has walked this road before them,that could possibly have some pointers that could help them avoid some of the bumps along the way.  Maybe a new mom that is juggling a nursing infant and wondering when she is going to have time to shower, let alone catch up on the laundry.  Maybe a mom who is considering homeschooling or is just starting out and feels like she is drowning in a sea of curriculum choices and is pretty sure she is already messing up.  Maybe a mom who suspects or just received a special needs diagnoses for her child and is wondering what to do now.  I don’t have all the answers and I’ve probably messed up plenty along the way, but I do have a heart for Mom’s out there who are just trying to figure out how they are suppose to “do it all”.  My husband and I have 7 children together and while I don’t ever “do it all”, I don’t mind sharing what I do manage to do and what is working for us and what hasn’t work out so well before.  🙂  I plan on sharing some of our daily routines, including how I manage laundry/dishes/teaching/shopping, some curriculum reviews and what has helped out our dyslexic and suspected autistic children. I hope to share how we homestead and cook with whole foods.  Maybe I will work up to sharing video reviews and recipes.  Now what works for us, might not work for you…by all means do WHATEVER works for YOUR family.  I am just hoping to help even 1 mom out there that needs someone to tell her that she is doing an amazing job and might be looking for some tips of the trade.  Thank you for being here and reading my little blog!

Jill – Isaiah 40:28-31